We pride ourselves on delivering the best possible solutions to our customers. Our comprehensive service includes clear and concise documentation, a direct line to your engineer and technical training at no additional cost. 

Migration to the Cloud

If you’re looking to start your office 365 or Google cloud experience, then we have the knowledge and expertise to help. From planning to implementation, our aim is to make your journey to the cloud seamless and trouble free. Our highly-experienced engineers have migrated thousands of users and terabytes of data so you can be assured we are the right people to help you get there. 


Every network is different. Our technicians have worked with some of the biggest vendors of switching, firewall and wireless products in the business. If you’re looking to upgrade your current infrastructure then we are ideally placed to help. We can design and install a tailored network architecture to take your business interconnectivity to the 

next level. 


If you have questions about server virtualisation then get in touch. Our engineers can help you migrate and optimise your current solution or even build you a new one. We have extensive expertise with all the major platforms, and are passionate about helping you to discover the many cost, efficiency and performance benefits virtualisation will bring for your business. 

Servers and Storage

If you are looking to design, refresh, update or troubleshoot an on-premise solution then let us know. We know upgrading to the latest operating systems, replacing servers or migrating your data can be stressful, our engineers are highly experienced, and Microsoft and VMware certified so you can count on us to provide you with the results you’re looking for. 

Client Computing

With Microsoft announcing the end of life support for Windows 7 and the ever-changing cyber security threats targeting vulnerable out of support software it’s critical to ensure that your business is running supported, up to date and secure software platforms. Our experienced engineers can help build, manage and deploy a solid and secure platform keeping productivity to a maximum and downtime to a minimum. 


Using a traditional copper lines or ISDN? Looking to save money? Our engineers can help advise you on the best solution for your business. Whether you want to utilise your existing solution, or you’re interested in cloud telephony all you need is an internet connection to start your journey.  With UC features such as IM, white-boarding, screen sharing and video conferencing are just some of the ways to help you work smarter. 

New builds, extensions or refurb?

If your expanding, refurbing or starting from scratch then its important you get your infrastructure right first time. Our extensive experience has helped many of our clients though the stressful process of design, management and implementation to help you avoid the common mistakes that comes from inexperience. Already have a plan and just need a second opinion? If you are about to sign off on that big investment and just need somebody to look over your project plans to give you that extra peace of mind, then get in touch we’d love to help.

Auditing, don’t know what you already have?

We’ve been to many clients that are struggling to understand their own IT estate, where does that wire go? What does that box do? Is my environment secure? in most cases inadequate documentation is always the cause of the problem. We can investigate your current infrastructure and provide with the documentation and recommendations you need so you can finally feel in control once again. Whether it’s just a few pages or hundreds detailing everything you have and how it works our engineers are here to help. Get in touch and let us show you what we can do for your business.

Are we safe and secure?

Ensuring your environment is safe and secure is everything. Whether it’s filtering and monitoring your internet connection, ensuring users can only access what they need to, implementing computer security policies to help prevent computer mis use or that important backup or site recovery plan if the worst should happen then our engineers are here to assist. Todays threats and vulnerabilities can literally bring your business to its knees. Ensuring your operating systems and anti-virus are up to date is really just the start, let our engineers help and advise you to make your environment more secure today.